Spelling Words

Weekly Spelling Words


Week 1 - No Spelling Words-Review


Week of September 1st (Week 2) - mild, care, pilot, paper, bake, time, sale, ride, able, kind, apron, final, quite, quiet, share


Week of September 8th (Week 3) - menu, nose, most, cure, joke, unit, vote, fuse, over, mule, comb, bugle, total, human, suppose


Week of September 15th (Week 4) - label, vine, bonus, wild, gate, huge, zero, made, spoke, use, basic, program, usual, finest, caper


Week of September 22nd (Week 5 and End of First Six Weeks) - begin, meter, eve, gene, beside, even, began, these, hero, compete, complete, equal, evening, athlete, secret


September 29th (Week 6 and Beginning of Second Six Weeks) - wren, knot, knife, write, phone, graph, wrap, wrist, phase, knit, alphabet, wrinkle, known, nephew, photo


October 6th (Week 7) - real, sleep, we, feel, east, green, team, belong, knee, clear, peach, cheese, please, between, eagle


October 13th (Week 8) - stay, rain, base, April, May, chain, trace, play, paid, fable, waist, railroad, pavement, flavor, Thursday


October 20th (Week 9) - tail, reach, queen, fear, say, gave, sweet, acorn, player, even, underneath, always, detail, maintain, sneeze


October 27th (Week 10 and End of Second Six Weeks) - field, lady, money, breeze, stream, baby, speech, brief, monkey, teach, squeeze, kneel, speaker, seashell, finally


November 3rd (Week 11) - age, peace, pencil, magic, ice, digit, face, gem, circus, large, piece, gentle, tragic, century, excite


November 10th (Week 12) - pie, night, fly, pile, child, right, shy, like, mice, try, recognize, skyscraper, style, knight, mighty


November 17th (Week 13) - stone, loan, grow, boat, know, toag, blow, coat, hello, show, borrow, coast, below, robot, owe


November 24th - Thanksgiving Holidays


December 1st (Week 14) - dry, tie, fight, why, tow, soap, below, bike cone, oak, July, twilight, shallow, cocoa, thigh


December 8th (Week 15) - cue, hue, few, music, pure, value, mew, cute, human, rescue, value, uniform, confuse, view, skew, argue


December 15th (Week 16 and End of Third Six Weeks) - No Spelling Words this week.


December 22nd and December 29th - Winter Holidays


January 5th (Week 17) - open, humid, until, person, cancel, fuel, begin, wagon, number, minus, continue, community, united, radio, moment


January 12th (Week 18) - hoop, tooth, mood, igloo, soon, bloom, food, room, pooch, pool, noodle, rooster, school, bedroom, caboose


January 19th (Week 19) - clue, blew, tube, June, student, dew, grew, due, ruby, overdue, blueberry salute, fluid, newsroom, assume


January 26th (Week 20) - look, good, soot, shook, stood, foot, brook, wood, hoof, hook, uncooked, childhood, notebook, bookmark, understood


February 2nd (Week 21 and End of Fourth Six Weeks) - ouch, hour, now, loud, crowd, down, sound, town, howl, round, birdhouse, outside, shower, powder, blouse


February 9th (Week 22) - fooling, bounding, shipping, changine, timing, looked, glued, traced, studied, hurried, pleasing, believing, receiving, outlined, continued


February 16th (Week 23) - hawk, sauce, thaw, draw, launch, crawl, yawn, author, cause, vault, squawk, daunting, strawberry, because, audience


February 23rd (Week 24) - walk, overalls, bought, call, always, sought, taught, caught, halt, small, daughter, chalk, thought, naughty, sidewalk


March 2nd (Week 25) - No words this week


March 9th - spring break


March 16th (Week 26) - join, spoil, annoy, choice, boys, point, coin, enjoy, boil, toy, royal, appoint, moist, rejoice, oyster


March 23rd (Week 27) - lawn, haul, recall, stalk, thoughts, fault, voyage, noise, loyal, avoid, ointment, walnut, hallway, employer, falling


March 30th (Week 28) -


April 6th (Week 29 and End of the Fifth Six Weeks) - I'm, they're, let's, you'd, we've, she'll, isn't, it'll, he's, aren't, won't, shouldn't, who's, there's, you're


April 13th (Week 30) - listen, castle, rustle, whistle, rhino, answer, doubt, island, would, could, chaos, scenic, rhyme, hour, rhythm


April 20th (Week 31) - straw, split, scrape, stretch, splash, scream, sprawl, sprout, strange, scratch, strenth, spry, screen, sprinkle, splurge


No words from this point due to work on Novel Units and Themes.