Spelling Words

First Six Weeks Sight Words and Spelling Words






– Getting Started Reader




*Sight Words – give, may, these, been, our, those, best, fast, off, stop, tell, who, class, Mr., Mrs., must,


                       run, ten, us, across, car, dark, far, much, start, upon, which, wish, bring, drink, edge,


                       pick, sing, thank, think, better, first, hurt, learn, never, under, animal, black, pond,


                       seven, use, why




 – “Because of You”




*Sight Words – ate, gave, made, sandwich, table, whisper, box, feather, find, gift, kind, mile, rock, white


*Spelling Words – mild, care, pilot, paper, bake, time, sale, ride, able, kind, apron, final, quiet, quite, share




 – “For the Love of Our Earth”




*Sight Words – both, cat, cold, hold, hole, open, buy, fine, goes, music, paste


*Spelling Words – menu, nose, most, cure, joke, unit, vote, fuse, over, mule, comb, bugle, total, human, suppose




 – “The Elves and the Shoemaker”




*Sight Words – another, many


*Spelling Words – label, vine, bonus, wild, gate, huge, zero, made, spoke, use, basic, program, usual, finest, caper




 – “The Lion and the Mouse”




*Sight Words – bank, because, bird, does, river


*Spelling Words – begin, meter, eve, gene, beside, even, began, these, hero, compete, complete, equal, evening, athlete, secret

Second Six Weeks Sight Words and Spelling Words



September 28th-October 2nd “Corduroy”


*Sight Words – climb, people, shirt, write, together

*Spelling Words – wren, knot, knife, write, phone, graph, wrap, wrist, phase, knit, alphabet,

        wrinkle, known, nephew


October 5th-9th – “Ants! They Are Hard Workers”


*Sight Words – clean, eat, feel, keep, please, read, sea, smell, speak, three

*Spelling Words – real, sleep, we, feel, east, green, team, belong, knee, clear, peach, cheese, please,

                           between, eagle


October 13th-16th – “If You Find A Rock”


*Sight Words – chain, gray, play, quick, say

*Spelling Words – stay, rain, base, April, May, chain, trace, play, paid, fable, waist, railroad, pavement,

                           flavor, Thursday


October 19th-23rd  – “Hungry Hoppers”


*Sight Words – deep, different, live, only

*Spelling Words – tail, reach, queen, fear, say, gave, sweet, acorn, player, even, underneath, always,  

                               detail, maintain, sneeze


October 26th -October 3oth  – “Birdhouse for Rent”


*Sight Words – believe, carry, funny, party

*Spelling Words – field, lady, money, breeze, stream, baby, speech, brief, monkey, teach, squeeze,

                                kneel, speaker, seashell, finally