2nd Grade AR Rewards and Goals


2nd Grade

AR Rewards

15 pts – No Shoes for the Day (only in classroom)


25 pts –Ice Cream Treat


50 pts – Extra Afternoon Recess


75 pts – Guest Reader in Lower Grade


100 pts – Eat w/2nd Grade Friend for a Week – AR Trophy on Awards Day


125 pts – 15 Golden Tickets


150 pts – McDonald’s Happy Meal


175 pts – Eat w/School Resource Officer


200 pts – Library Helper – AR Trophy on Awards Day


225 pts – Ice Cream Sundaes


250 pts – Teacher for the Day


300 pts – Principal for the Day – AR Trophy on Awards Day


AR/MFF Rewards for the End of Each 9-Weeks

1st Quarter – On the Hunt for a Good Book (camo)

2nd Quarter – Snuggle Up with a Good Book (pajamas)

3rd Quarter – We Go Crazy for Reading (crazy hair, crazy socks, etc.)

2nd Grade Lesson Plans
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