Discipline Guidelines

Dear Parents,

            I am so excited about sharing this year with your child! In addition to academics, your child will learn and develop many skills this year including: responsibility, making good choices, and accepting consequences.  Positive behavior is so important for an excellent learning environment.  In order to help establish this positive atmosphere within our classroom, we have the following Behavior Management Plan listed below.  

Classroom Rules

  1. Listen carefully and follow directions.
  2. Work quietly.  Do not disturb others who are working.
  3. Respect others.  Be kind with your words and actions.
  4. Work and play safely.
  5. Respect school and personal property.
  6. Raise your hand to speak.
  7. Obey all school rules.

Consequences for not following the rules:

Each child has his/her name on a conduct display that contains four color levels.  Each day is a new day.  I will mark your child’s daily folder with the appropriate color for each day:

BLUE/Empty Square - Great day!

YELLOW - Warning – Loss of 5 minutes of recess time.

GREEN - Sit Out – Loss of all recess time.

RED - Contact Parent/2nd time trip to Vice Principal’s Office


In instances where someone or something is intentionally harmed, the student will be sent immediately to the Vice Principal’s office without the previous steps being taken.


Conduct Grades

When a student pulls a color, it will be recorded in the grade book.  At the end of each nine weeks, these will be counted and deducted from the conduct grade.  Each child begins the 9-weeks with a 100 in conduct.  At the end of each 9-weeks, your child’s conduct grade will be tallied and shown in the form of a number grade on his/her report card.  The following is a breakdown of how conduct grades will be calculated:


Yellow=1 pt. off of conduct grade

Green=2 pts. off of conduct grade

Red=3 pts off of conduct grade.



Again, conduct is evaluated on a daily basis.  Each day the children start fresh on blue. 
Good behavior will be rewarded!

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