Discipline Guidelines

Dear Parents,

I am so excited about sharing this year with your child!  In addition to academics, your child will learn and develop many skills this year including responsibility, making good choices, and accepting consequences.  Positive behavior is so important for an effective learning environment.  In order to help establish this positive atmosphere within our classroom, we have the following Behavior Management Plan.    

Classroom Expectations:

  1.   Be RESPECTFUL.  Be respectful to your teacher and peers.  Always use kind words and actions, be honest and fair, and respect school and others personal property.  Listen carefully and work quietly without disturbing others.
  2.   Be RESPONSIBLE.  By making positive choices, completing all assignments, and working and playing safely.
  3.   Be ACCOUNTABLE.  There are positive and negative consequences according to your choices.  Make GOOD choices.  
  4.   Obey ALL Fairfield Elementary school rules and always try your BEST! 


Behavior Consequences:

Each child has his/her name on a conduct display that contains four color levels.  Each day is a new day.  I will mark your child’s daily folder if there has been a color change.

Below are the consequences for levels of behavior:

BLUE or Empty square:  Great behavior! If your child is on blue there will be a blank space on his/her behavior calendar.  In addition, he/she may receive verbal praise, special treats and privileges, stamps or stickers, free time or a Positive Referral to the office!  Way to go!! 

1st Warning:  A verbal warning will result in a check on the check board by their name. Checks will be given for the 1st six weeks only. By that time students should know the classroom expectations.

YELLOW:  2nd warning.  A color change is given only after a verbal warning (check) has been given unless the behavior warrants an immediate color change.  Student will miss  5 minutes of free time. 

GREEN:  3rd  warning.  This will result in a loss of free time for the day.

RED:  4th warnings are followed by a call or note to the parent.  Multiple reds will warrant referral to the Assistant Principal for disciplinary action.   

* Color changes result in point loss from conduct grade. Please be aware that the CONDUCT GRADE does effect Honor Roll.

Severe Behavior Clause:

If a child threatens their own safety, the safety of others, or demonstrates severe or chronic misbehavior, they may be immediately referred to the office for disciplinary action.

Conduct is evaluated on a daily basis.  Each day the children start fresh on blue.  Good behavior will be rewarded!  I will discuss the management plan with the students in class, but I would appreciate your reviewing it with them at home. Thank you so much for your support!  We will have a great year together!